Saturday, March 22, 2014

W4E Create-A-Kit Challenge

I joined in on the Create-A-Kit Challenge at the Wilma4Ever forum. Here's the daily list we were given...

DESIGNER: March 2014 - Create-A-Kit Challenge
March 1: Photo Mat
March 2: Buzzwords
March 3: Ombre
March 4: String/Twine
March 5: Bow
March 6: Raffia
March 7: Washi Tape
March 8: Felt
March 9: Nature
March 10: Paper, Chevron
March 11: Glass
March 12: Overlay
March 13: Paper, Solid
March 14: Stamped
March 15: Vellum
March 16: Wood
March 17: Dangle
March 18: Fiber
March 19: Tag
March 20: Beads
March 21: Rectangles
March 22: Tissue Paper
March 23: Fastener
March 24: Clusters
March 25: Distressed
March 26: Funky Shape
March 27: Bended Corner
March 28: Crumbled
March 29: Plaid
March 30: Sewing/Stitches
March 31: Border

We picked our own palette and theme. Here's what I came up with...

Download link:




  1. Great kit! Thanks for sharing.
    I looked over the forum at Wilma4Ever, but I can't find where to download the other challenges. :( Could you please help?

    1. OK. This is where you can find the challenge galleries - - you may have to register. You can find the challenges in the forum, also.

  2. Thank you for this cute and sweet kit. -Marie

  3. Glad to see you got some use out of the challenge! :)