Monday, February 23, 2015

For Rosi H.

Hi, Rosi! Don't feel bad for asking me for something, I do this for you guys because I enjoy giving you free kits (I love getting freebie, also lol). You can find other contributions for the color challenges in the gallery and/or forum of the sites (links below). Not everyone makes a kit. These are just the ones that I found that I could make a kit instead of a layout. I will do my best to remember to include a link to the site - I think I was doing that originally and just get in a hurry and forget! Anyway, here are the links to the sites (you will have to register with each one)...

Plain Digital Wrapper - sitegalleryforum

Digital Scrapbooking Studio - sitegalleryforum

With Love Studio - sitegalleryforum

Wilma4Ever - sitegalleryforum

Pixel Scrapper - sitegalleryforum


1 comment:

  1. Thanks Pauline
    I just saw the previous post, the challenge of W4E, your kit, Plum Perfect, I thought it was beautiful, in addition to meeting point by point all requirements.
    But there is something that I must be slipping. You're the one who has participated in this challenge, the others have not done anything, is like playing a loner, no one against whom compete ... And on the other hand you do best kits that you give as a gift. I must not have understood the joke :(
    Although I do think I am a devil on the other side of the Atlantic, I'll tell you what has made me laugh out loud. I have a naughty thought neuron that have been said: uhmm was brought Pauline, we have nothing to do ... better not waste time :)) This neuron is very bad :))
    I see more challenges, to see if there are designers who are willing to play with you in other forums. Sooner or later I pillared joke at all. ??? I hope ...