Thursday, June 2, 2016

New in Store Plus Freebie

Hi, everyone! I have started a new kit series for my shop at Faith Sisters. It's called 25 Names of Jesus. This series was inspired by one that was done (but never completed) by Studio RA at Devine Digital back in 2011. I decided to take her idea and make a series of my own. I always hated that Royanna was never able to complete the series. Here's a look at the first kit - Jesus...

I also made a coordinating freebie for you. It's a set of solid papers...

Download link:




  1. Thanks a bunch. I was waiting a kit like this one. I has the same feeling for the unfinished kit of Royanna. That's life. Going to the store, hope the store accept Paypal.

  2. Great idea for a kit series - I got this one and will be waiting for the others! We talked about this in church Wednesday night - knowing the names of God and Jesus gives us insight into their personalities and what they are like. :D

  3. Thank you Pauline for the papers. I will look forward to seeing each kit as you design them.

  4. Thanks so much Pauline for a terrific Christian Kit and Free papers add-on - I've purchased your kit via Faith Sisters (so that's more $$ for Kaleb!) Will be watching for more Christian Kits as you create them =) God Bless and trust you'll get Kaleb's amount soon... Hugs, Jemima

  5. Love the colors and the concept...I can see a shopping spree in my soon as I get caught up with the posts here. LOL