Friday, May 8, 2015

The Best is Yet to Come Alphas

Hi, everyone! I just realized that I forgot about making individual PNGs for the alpha 2 and 3 sheets. If anyone is still interested, leave a comment so I'll know to finish doing the individual files. Really sorry about forgetting but, if you're a frequent visitor, you know what all has been going on. You are the reason I do this, so I want you to be happy.



  1. Oh I would really appreciate it .. I use a program called Scrapbook Factory Deluxe which, as far as I can work out, doesn't allow me to "cut" alphas!! If no one else is interested, please don't bother .. I'm sure you are busy enough without going to all that effort for 1 person :) I appreciate your gifts very much!

    1. That's what I used to use all the time! I have 4 different programs that I used to use but only Hallmark Card Studio would let me "cut" something - then it had to be perfectly lined up. I'll get these done, I know how much they are appreciated (because I've been there too).