Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hi, everyone!. Just wanted to let y'all know that tomorrow's post will be late. One ofmy cats "killed" my mouse - mouse pad and keyboard. It'll be tomorrow before I can get new ones. I was all caught up and was going to finish up the Create-A-Kit today but it will probably not be done until this weekend now (tomorrow is pay day and I have to pay bills and buy food and necessities for the next 2 weeks).



  1. Please, don't worry Pauline, enjoy your errands day. All of us will wait your amazing gifts.

  2. Полина,не волнуйтесь,мы все понимаем сколько у вас много дел,проблем.Желаю вам всего самого хорошего!!!

  3. Oh my god i didnt know what you were gonna say, i thought u were gonna say your cats been killed, i was like oh no :( then once i read ur cat killed the mouse i was like oh lol