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Autumn Winds Update

Hi, everyone! I know the lower z's look like they don't have the bevel but they actually do, it just didn't show up well. So, I have taken them and added a slightly different bevel and they don't look as flat. I've put them in a download for anyone that wants them.

Here's the old...

Here's the revised version...

Here's the download link...


Just a Note

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to tell y'all, if you ever click on a link and it doesn't work, just right click the link and the click on open in new tab. You shouldn't have to but, just in case, that should work and, if not, just contact me so I can fix it.


We Believe Blog Train

Hi, everyone! This month's We Believe Blog Train is Autumn Winds - John 3:8. Here's my part...

Download links:

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August Daily Download - Day 15

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 15...

Download link:



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