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Update on Me

 Hi, everyone! Wanted to let y'all know what I found out. It was cancer but they got it all out and it's a kind of cancer that doesn't metastasize to other places. So, they will just check me every 6 months for a couple of years and then if nothing comes back after 5 years, I won't have to continue seeing the doctor.

Three weeks out and I'm doing good. Still healing, of course. I have ten more days of shots that keep me from getting blood clots. Oh, I have to tell y'all what happened to me Saturday night. The very bottom end of my scar busted and (oh my) I was bleeding everywhere. It's all good though. I did end up calling an ambulance because all I had to put on it was band-aids. They were awesome and fixed me up real nice and even left me with extra stuff so I could change it. I found out that I had developed a pocket (forget what the doctor called it) between the bottom layers and top layers of skin that was filling up with bloody fluid. Of course, it happened again after they pulled the staples out, which was good. Now I have to clean it, pack it with gauze and tape it up twice a day. It will close up on it's own and that fluid won't be in my body.

Anyway, I plan on driving myself to town today (I know that sounds funny but Bells, TN is small, even though it's where Pictsweet is, and I go to Jackson to shop). I have to go get cat food and I was gonna go to Goodwill and maybe Cato to get some pants or shorts. I have one pair of jegging capris that fit. I'm super happy about losing weight but I've lost it so fast that I have sagging skin (belly and arms) but after I get healed I can work on that.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for that prayers and positive thoughts. I truly was no stressed about the outcome at all.

Hugs & Blessings,


July Daily Download - Day 28

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 28...

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Update on Me

 Hi, everybody! Wanted to let y'all know my surgery went well but long. It was scheduled for two and a half hours but lasted about four. The mass had really grown and had gotten wrapped up with my small intestines. I ended up losing two feet if my small intestines. I have a huge scar but it's healing well. Very, very sore and hard to get comfortable. They gave me more blood and iv iron while I was in the hospital.

Y'all don't have to worry about missing daily downloads, I had worked ahead and have kits through December. So, no matter if I have cancer or not, I am ready for my blog. LOL! I'll update diagnosis after I go back to my surgeon in a couple of weeks. 

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!

Hugs & Blessings,


July Daily Download - Day 11

 Hi, everyone! Here's Day 11...

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