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Just Saying Hi!

 Hi, everyone! Just wanted to drop an update on me. I'm doing good. Finished with my IV meds and home health (except for PT). I don't remember if I told y'all about my leg that got messed up during my surgery. My surgeon had to clip off veins/nerves to remove lymph nodes (I didn't even know there were lymph nodes down there). Anyway, something got messed up and I walk funny now and I don't think I could run if I had to. Hence the PT but I don't think it really helps. 

Went to my infectious disease doctor on the 13th; got my PIC line (for IV meds at home) out and had lots of blood drawn. Still waiting to hear about my blood work. Really wish it would come in; I'm pretty sure everything is fine except my blood might be low again (which means a blood transfusion).

Well that's where I am, hope everyone is doing good and staying well. I know it's allergy time for lots of people (autumn or spring, depending on your location). I want to thank everyone for thinking of me and I do think of all of you. You keep me going Just because I know you are there and visiting my little blog.

Hugs and Blessings,


September Daily Download - Day 27

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 27...

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