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August Daily Download - Day 20

     Hi, everyone! Here's Day 20...

Download link:



Digi Blog Train

 Hi, everyone! Still dealing with my external hard drive. I do have a kit for the Digi Blog train but never got to make previews or get it packaged for upload. I've been trying to fix it myself but made an appointment with the Geek Squad today. Hopefully, by next Wednesday, I'll have everything back and I can get it to you. Keep checking back so you don't miss anything.



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August Daily Download - Day 15

    Hi, everyone! Here's Day 15...

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We Believe Blog Train

 Hi, everyone! Unfortunately I've had an external hard drive problem and I don't have my part. I'm still trying to get my stuff off myself. If I can't get back into the external drive, I'm going to see if maybe the geek squad can help me. Anyway, I didn't have my kit uploaded yet, so I don't have my part. Hopefully, I will have it in a few days. SORRY!



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