Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Daily Download - Day 15 (Updated Link)

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 15...

Download link:

Day 15 (4Shared)


Sorry for the 4Shared link and I completely understand your feelings about 4Shared (I don't really care for it either). I had somehow missed uploading Day 15 to Mediafire and (for some reason) I couldn't get anything to upload to Mediafire last night. Hence the 4Shared link. I know some don't really like Mediafire either but I have a paid account so you get a direct link but please feel free to ask for another link if you can't download.

Also, sorry for the abrupt ending to this post. Something came up and I had to post and go. LOL



  1. Hello Pauline, I am so sorry to bother you!!! But I am unable to download files from 4Share. Is there anyway I can get a different link? I would hate to miss your wonderful work!!!

  2. Mary stated my thoughts perfectly. I love your kits. I am going through withdrawal. LOL

    1. Thanks so much for the Media Fire link! I'm very grateful.

  3. Most downloads from 4Share are blocked by my virus program, and so was yours. I do hope you have time to upload this somewhere else, as it is a wonderful kit!

    THANK YOU for all the downloads you have given us!!

  4. Полина,чудесные элементы и бумаги !!! Большое спасибо!!!

  5. I cannot download from 4shared. Keep getting numerous ads and just stuff.I don't see a download button anywhere. Hope the download can be put someplace else. I do thank you for all the freebies you offer.

  6. Thanks Pauline. I am able to use 4shared but wish it was blocked like the others. It really messes up my computer! I do love your stuff and thank you so very much.

  7. Thanks for your generosity. I like the others dislike 4shared. I can navigate around, but today there was a very disgusting pop-up. Please give an alternate download link. I don't like your choice for downloading, but I do appreciate your creativity.

  8. I am very grateful that you give away this beautiful kit. However I have a small comment. Like the others above, I think downloading from 4Shared is a pain in the... Hopefully you can use the same service as before. Thanks again!!!

  9. Pauline thank you so much for giving the mediafire link!!! When I try to download from 4Share it is always considered a virus!!! I would have missed your work so very much!! Thank you for all the wonderful kits!!!

  10. lol - my ISP blocks BOTH mediafire (even the direct links) and 4Shared! Since you are both generous and kind enough to leave your links up, I can download when I go to the library and use their high-speed and unblocked internet to get your goodies. So thank you very much for your beautiful designs that I found through a blog train.

  11. Love all these wonderful kits ty :)