Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hi, everyone! This is for anyone that has purchased my kit - Bloom - from Faith Sisters. The orange glitter brush had a faint box around it - it's been corrected. Also, Lori was concerned because you couldn't see the texture on the white cardstock, so I made a new one with a little more texture. So, if you have purchased these items, here are the corrected files. The store files have been updated with the new items.

Corrected Items

I have to remember to check things more! LOL If anyone every has any suggestions, please comment. Y'all know the store thing is all new for me. With my freebies, I've always been - "It looks good to me" - so I share it. ;)

Hope to get that Create-A-Kit knocked out by Sunday!


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  1. I can only say thank you so much your generosity is wonderful and I truly appreciate your beautiful work