Saturday, October 1, 2016

A Little Happiness

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to share what happened to me today. This morning my son and I went to a funeral for a very lovely lady that had cancer. After the service, my son went to the cemetary with his grandparents and went to pick up some groceries. When I came out of Kroger's, I noticed there was something on my SUV. Well, when I get to my SUV there is a note taped to my window and a bouquet of flowers. The note read: In celebration of my 31st birthday I picked you (a perfect stranger) to have this bouquet of flowers. I hope it brightens your day! Have a great weekend! Love, A Stranger

What an awesome thing to do. Well, I enjoyed smelling the beautiful flowers and called my husband and told him about it. As I was getting ready to put on my seatbelt, I looked up and noticed the lady across from me getting into her car. Well, I gave her the flowers.

A perfect stranger had made may day happier, so I hope I was able to make that lady's day happier.

Have a great weekend, everyone!



  1. What a great surprise, Happy Bday and Happy DSD. TYVM for giving us greatest gifts during all year. Love it all.

  2. Hello Pauline
    Which(Who) better than you could receive these flowers, simply the meeting of two people of heart
    Good day My friend
    Big kisses

  3. Удивительный,приятный сюрприз! От него сердце наполняется счастьем и любовью !

  4. This is a true moment of happiness :)

  5. What a spectacular way to "Pass it on". Good for you Pauline and good for your anonymous flower giver. Love this story, it made my day.

  6. A very interesting and nice story.

  7. What a sweet story...I've shared it in hopes the sentiment finds its way around.

  8. R(andom)A(cts)of K(indness). How lovely a story to brighten your day and for you to pay it forward.
    Here's hoping you have many more of the moments in your life.
    Blessed Be.

  9. Awesome and so sweet of you to forward the gift!!

  10. God knew how giving you are and worked through a stranger to show you love and kindness. God Bless.