Saturday, February 3, 2018

Just a Note

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to tell y'all that I got a new laptop and had to get Photoshop Elements 2018 because my PSE9 wouldn't work. Not sure how I will get along with learning it, so please bare with me. If anyone has the new Photoshop, let me know what you think about it.



  1. Just traded GIMP for PSE18. Don't "love" it yet, but loving the learning part. There are loads of tutorials out there. And if you're interested I belong to a super FB group of ladies who all all learning PSE18. They're doing it do to the change in Artisan requirements and they're changing from page to psd templates, but there are a bunch of us "other" programs-to-pse too. I'd be happy to add you if you like. Friend request Carla Letch Cooper on FB and I'll introduce you to the gang! facebook(dot)com/carla(dot)l(dot)cooper

  2. I did the free trial and got through my scrapbooking weekend but def. a bit of a learning curve. I am sure you have heard of NAODS, but just in case you need more help she is awesome and does tutorials of all the new aspects with each new release.

    MiniCooper452, I am a Artisan user as well. I would love to join if it is for users, not just designers (the skills of you ladies like Pauline are far beyond me!). Not sure if it is open for others?

    Thanks ladies!

  3. Thanks guys. Been having a little trouble getting my new stuff set up but will find the FB stuff.