Monday, April 12, 2021

Note to kylesgranma

 I replied to your post but I thought I would share here also:

The 8th was Day 1 of Brave; therefore the 11th was Day 4 of Brave, today (12th) is Day 5 and tomorrow (13th) is Day 6. So forth and so on through the 21st, which will be Day 14 (last day) of Brave. On the 22nd we will start the Courageous kit with Day 1. 

The second picture each day shows the day for whatever kit we are on. From the 1st of April through the 30th of June, you will receive a total of 11 kits. Nine kits are for one week (therefore, Day 1-7) and two kits are for two weeks (therefore, Day 1-14).

The Day on the download will not coinside with the day of the month (except for the fist week of April). The Day on the download will coinside with what day we are on in that kit.

Hope this helps you to understand how it's gonna work through June.




  1. Thanks for the explanation Pauline. Looking forward to collecting all the kits. You are doing a great job providing us with some really good papers & elements.

  2. Un grand Merci pour tous ces cadeaux. Très beau travail.