Friday, November 27, 2015

Daily Download

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 27...

Download link:

(good thru 12/3/15)
(last day to download Day 21)

And, like I stated in the previous post, I will send anyone the days you missed. This is the first month that I have done a daily download and I know not everyone already knew about my blog. All I do is freebies (except for the occasional charity kit), so I want you to get the whole kit. Also, thanks to those that leave comments - it's not necessary, but it does touch the heart. Like dear Maryse, who is in Paris, France, leaves me a sweet comment almost everyday and, Maryse, I want you to know that I think of you often and, yes, as a friend.




  1. Thank you very much Paulien of this small kind word My English is not good I write with a translator!
    It is necessary to say thank you again and still.
    These moments which we cross here make that we know that the life can be short, regrettably. All this work which you make for us every day is fantastic, it is natural of you to say it
    I have no blog, but to relax I try "to create" with your kits and those other people
    Thank you for considering me as a friend, I always look forward to the morning little gift
    Internet can be also best.
    Have a nice day my friend

  2. Thank you for the designs and always reliable blog train/hop list. I have never commented before, but want you to know that I appreciate all the work you do and for all the wonderful freebies you offer. Have a happy holiday season and thank you again.

  3. thanks so much for today's beautiful daily! hope you had an a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Очень красивый набор !!! Большое спасибо !!!

  5. Очень красивый набор !!! Большое спасибо !!!