Saturday, February 13, 2016

Daily Download - Day 13

Hi, everyone! Here's Day 13...

Download link:




  1. Thank you so much Pauline! Love all the folded hearts!

  2. Полина,большое спасибо !!! Чудесный набор !!!

  3. Hello Pauline
    Thank you so much
    Big hugs

  4. Many Many Thanks I recently had a major computer failure that not only took out the computer its hard drive but also destroyed my USB backup by Crashing The Heads. Loosing 8 years of Digital scrapbooking papers and elements. I sent the hard drive to a data recovery company who gave me an estimate of $700 to repair the heads and $90 an hour to recover the data and restore it. This cost me $135 just prior to Christmas so I paid the diagnostic and ad them return the drive so I could handle the holidays and pay my property taxes. In the mean time I got myself a new computer and external drive. but needed to obtain some paper and elements to do Halloween through the present. I found you in a post from a freebie site and your Daily Downloads have helped me with many holiday elements and papers so I can begin to create prior to April when I will send the drive in for data recovery. As I mentioned I owe you many many thanks for items specific to my current needs and I plan to revisit after any major holiday for more items specific to those occasions.

    Once more Many Many Thanks Jo Ann

    1. Jo Ann -- I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me at the first of the year as I was backing up all the lovely gifts that were shared in December. I also lost all the layouts that I had created last year, as I had not yet printed them... so frustrating! I have slowly recovered many things ... & thanks to Pauline for all her lovely freebies I can scrap again! Good luck to you!

  5. Thank you! I love all of this kit so far, especially the hearts on wire.

  6. Love all these wonderful kits ty :)